We treat a variety of patients, and we believe that each individual's recovery is unique.

You can begin your road to recovery by speaking with an admissions counselor from South Miami Recovery by calling 305-661-0055.

After our initial interview process, we will design a treatment plan that is right for you.



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Our website was built as a resource for addicts and their families when alcoholism or drug addiction has become an unbearable fact of life. We are continually adding articles about the treatment of various drugs and have also launched a new Blog that invites our visitors to comment and have conversations with us about news and issues affecting women. Furthermore, we have deep libraries of articles (always growing) including subjects such as alcohol rehab and drug rehab as well as more information about treatment for specific drugs, including Cocaine, Heroin, Marijuana, Crystal Meth and Prescription Drug Rehab as well.

If you or a loved one need help immediately, please do call us as soon as possible. We are always on call and willing to help if given the opportunity. Please call The South Miami Recovery at 305-661-0055.


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